Are there any additional or hidden charges? 
No. As simple as that.

How do I know I will get good service? 
Be careful of agencies that will charge you a fee to get a job. This is the one of the surest signs of a scam. We do not charge you any fee at all. You never pay is any money.  I am a trusted ex Image employee and can give you first hand  knowledge and share experiences

How much money would I expect to earn? 
Pay scales typically range from $800 U.S. dollars – $1300 U.S. dollars per month as a junior photographer, promotion of course results in higher pay and if you learn quick and work hard you generally get promoted. You will earn a basic salary of $1000(ship and itinerary dependant) but the incentive is still there to earn commission. It is a well run business where hard work is rewarded. There are different items you earn commission from but it is a team effort and you earn from collective work as well. Rest assured you will earn a good income.

Are staff members allowed to go on-shore at port locations? 
Yes, you will be able to visit free when not on duty. Leisure time will vary according to which ship/cruise line you go on. Some you have more time off than others. You will definitely have time off to explore and do fun activities. Just do not expect a full day off.

Is the food and accommodation free for staff members on board the ships?
Yes, this is what makes this career a great opportunity to actually save money.

What length of contract would I be offered by the cruise company? 
6 months. You can request extensions. Holidays are generally 6 – 8 week.

How much money do I need before I can go over? 
This is an estimate:
R3000+ to cover your first couple of weeksyou do not want to go over with NO cash.
-R2000 Visa – this ranges from month to month depending on the exchange rate.
– Medical by an approved doctor – roughly R6000

Please remember that there are costs that must be paid off to Image while you earning, such as the camera body if you require one, uniform($200) and $500 deposit. You do not need this money before you leave though.

What is the $500 deposit?
As soon as you start working, you need to pay Image $500. This will be deducted from your earnings until you reach $500. When you resign and give 4 weeks notice, you will get this $500 back. If you are fired for whatever reason, your $500 deposit is forfeited. 

What expenses do I have while living onboard?
Accommodation, meals, uniforms, medical attention are FREE.The only expense you will have is for beverages, cigarettes, toiletries, internet and telephone cards. When you get into the different ports you tend to use your money on souvenirs, clothing, dining out and activities/exploration, and now again your own lenses/equipment.

Do I need to show money in my bank account before leaving?

What visa do I need? 
C1/D USA Seaman’s Visa. An appointment needs to be made with the USA embassy and all necessary paperwork will be given to you.

What happens if I get sick onboard? 
Each ship has a qualified doctor and nurses onboard. They run the infirmary (onboard clinic) which has state of the art facilities. Should you need serious medical attention, you will be transported to the nearest hospital at the company’s expense. You need to be 100% fit and drug free before you can go abroad purely because the company will be responsible for your medical wellbeing while you are employed and onboard. Once off the ship – you are responsible for your own medical expenses. This is when you’re on vacation. 

How flexible are cruise lines in terms of religion? Eg: Jumuah or Christian services etc. 
No days off – however you can request hours off during your praying time etc. There are chapels/Muslim praying facility on most ships which you can use if the guests are not using this facility.

Is there a gym on the ship?
Yes – there is a crew gym as well as a guest gym. You can use both (ship dependant). The guest gym can be used only during allocated hours. Some ships even have a crew swimming pool, and all have a sun deck.