Do you need to be an experienced photographer?

Embarkation shoot. This is a typical setup on the first day of the cruise, when passengers arrive to board the cruise

The short answer is yes.

You need a basic understanding of a DSLR. Do you know what aperture and shutter speed is? Do you have a portfolio?

The more experience you have , that will obviously count in your favour.

However, it must be said that the biggest qualities you can have will be a willingness to learn quickly, appetite for hard work and the right attitude. These qualities will take you far!

The type of photography becomes very repetitive, so you will naturally improve the more you photograph. It is also a very time pressure environment and how you handle this is also very important. There is usually a line of guests waiting to be photographed.

There are many courses one could do to get a basic understanding of photography and mainly how to handle a DSLR – but please know this is no guarantee to get the job.

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