What are my full expenses to join?

How much Funds should I have to start with and what are the expenses associated with working n cruise ships?

Two or three times a year, Image have what is called hiring sessions in either Cape Town or Johannesburg. If most of the applicants are in Johannesburg then that is where it is held, this means anyone from other cities in the country need to make travel arrangements to Johannesburg for 2 or 3 days. Exact details provided as soon as we know. These costs will vary greatly depending on what you need, but it will be your own expense.

If you are accepted after the final interview, the next expense would be to have a full medical. This must be done through an Image approved Doctor, we will provide you with those details. These Doctors are on a list approved by cruise lines. Please do no use your GP. the cost for this is approximately R6000. It is a comprehensive, in depth medical involving blood tests.

If you pass your medical, the next step is to obtain your USA Visa. This is more or less R1500/R2000 – usually valid for 5 or 10 years.

Camera body. This is all that is required from an equipment perspective. Image prefer you to own your own camera body, the best option here is for Image to provide it to you once you join your ship – they then deduct incremental amounts from your salary as you earn, to pay for it. if you already own a Nikon camera body and prefer taking your own – this is your choice. The cost of Nikon is much less compared to South Africa.

Uniform, also deducted from your salary as you earn, roughly $200.

Refundable deposit. Image require a deposit of $500 (can also be paid by your salary as you earn). This is refunded to you when you leave ships, unless you have been dismissed.

We also suggest having a small amount of money just to cover your first week or two while travelling and joining your ship.

Once you join your ship, you will be provided a Visa Debit Card which your earnings will be deposited into.